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Plantskydd 1kg rabbit repellent (Non-DG)


Plantskydd is an effective pesticide used to prevent plants from being destroyed by pests, commonly used for rabbits, possums and deer. Plantskydd comes in a powder concentrate is non toxic.

Herbicide X-tree Basal Wet & Dry 20L


A ready-to-use herbicide for the selective control of a wide range of woody and semi-woody weeds by basal bark treatment. X-tree Basal Wet & Dry is an oil based premix.

Verdex miticide 1L


Verdex 18EC is a miticide for use in avocados, pipfruit, indoor tomatoes, strawberries, kiwifruit and ornamentals and for the control of tomato/potato psyllid in potatoes. Active ingredient: 18g/litre Abamectin EC.

Vigilant Triumph gel herbicide 400g


Triumph Gel a Vigilant alternative is a ready to use weed killing gel with in-built applicator for direct application onto cut stems. Active Ingredient: 43 g/kg picloram as the potassium.

Scorp Haloxyfop herbicide 1L


Haloxyfop is a selective herbicide used to control a wide range of grasses in white clover, forestry, orchards and field crops. In addition, by using SpraySmart Result Spray Oil will.

Triumph 2G herbicide granules 5kg (Non-DG)


Triumph Tordon 2G is a granular herbicide for control of blackberry, broom, gorse, ragwort, sweet brier, thistles, tutsan and other hard to kill perennial weeds. Active Ingredient: 20 g/kg picloram.

Crickoff Cricket bait 22kg = 2Ha (Non-DG)


The Black field cricket is a serious pasture pest in Northland, Auckland, parts of the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay and Manawatu. It especially likes clay soils prone to.

Glyphosate 510 herbicide 20L- see Maxout 540

Glyphosate 510 herbicide 20L- see Maxout 540

$192.50 $164.45

Glyphosate 510 is a high strength, non-selective herbicide for the control of annual and perennial weeds in a wide range of use situations. Particularly suitable for large users. Glyphosate is.

Avia insecticide 1L


Avia is a residual insecticide for the control of spiders, fleas, ants, cockroaches and mosquitoes in domestic, industrial and public health areas. Active Ingredient: 80g/litre Bifenthrin SC. Available in 1L,.

Amitrol herbicide, Activated 5L


Amitrol is a non-selective herbicide used for the control of many grasses and broadleaf weeds. Because of its relatively short life it can be used under trees and shrubs and.

Vectobac WG bio fungicide 500g


VectoBac is a biological insecticide containing Bacillus thuringiensissubspecies israelensis for the control of mosquito larvae. Active ingredient: 3,000 International Toxic Units/mg Bacillus thuringiensis sub species israelensis Available in 500g Why.

Eromite miticide 1L


Eromite is a miticide used for the control of European Red Mite and Two-Spotted Mite in pipfruit and Six-Spotted Mite in avocados. Active ingredient: 110g/litre Etoxazole SC Available in 1L,.

Piritek insecticide 1kg - tracked


What do I use to control Aphids in my Orchard and Crops? Piritek is a fast-acting contact insecticide which is partially systemic and has a strong fumigant action within the.

Cyrus/ Savage 350 Insecticide 1L


What do I use to control Aphids, Thrips and Mealy Bugs? Cyrus an alternative to Confidor, is a systemic insecticide used for the control of aphids in vegetable brassicas, aphids.

Thiram 40F fungicide 10L


A broad spectrum protectant fungicide for use on fruit, vegetables, ornamentals and amenity turf. Thiram 40F controls a wide variety of diseases, including: Blackspot, Botrytis, Canespot, Septoria leaf spot, Peach.