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Vectobac WG bio fungicide 500g


VectoBac is a biological insecticide containing Bacillus thuringiensissubspecies israelensis for the control of mosquito larvae. Active ingredient: 3,000 International Toxic Units/mg Bacillus thuringiensis sub species israelensis Available in 500g Why.

Thiram 40F fungicide 10L


A broad spectrum protectant fungicide for use on fruit, vegetables, ornamentals and amenity turf. Thiram 40F controls a wide variety of diseases, including: Blackspot, Botrytis, Canespot, Septoria leaf spot, Peach.

Corona Fungicide 1kg


Corona is a systemic fungicide for the control of Brownrot in stonefruit. Active ingredient: 250g/kg Tebuconazole WG. Available in 1kg Corona 250WG Technical Guide  Customer also search for best price.

Fostonic Fungicide 80WP 1kg (Non-DG)


Fostonic is a fungicide for the control of Phytophthora in apples, ornamentals and non-bearing kiwifruit, pomefruit, avocados and citrus. Systemic activity with rapid penetration and translocation. Active ingredient: 800g/kg fosetyl-aluminium.

Validus 200EW fungicide 1L


Validus 200EW is a broad spectrum fungicide with systemic and curative activity for the control of powdery mildew on grapes, black spot and powdery mildew on apples and pears, and.

Ippon fungicide 500SC 5L


Ippon is a Fungicide for the control of Botrytis, Scelorotinia and other diseases in grapes, stonefruit, kiwifruit, tangelos, berryfruit, asparagus and turf. Excellent protectant activity. Active ingredient: 500g/litre Iprodione SC.

Goldazim MBC fungicide 10L


Goldazim MBC is a fungicide for the control of a range of diseases in apples, stonefruit, wheat, barley, onions, tomatoes, beans, lettuce and the causal organism of Facial Eczema. Protectant.

Saprol fungicide 5L


Saprol is a systemic eradicant and protective fungicide of the DMI group, active against various fungal diseases on cucurbits, fruit and ornamentals. Active ingredient: 190 g/litre triforine. Available in 1L,.

Pro-P fungicide 5L


Pro-P is a systemic fungicide for the control of disease in cereals, ryegrass and seed crops. Available in 5L

Proxima fungicide 1L


Proxima is a Fungicide for the control of Powdery Mildews in grapevines and squash with inedible peel (kabocha). Active ingredient: 250g/litre Quinoxyfen SC. Available in 1L Proxima Technical Guide  Customer.

Curator Fungicide 1kg


Curator is a fungicide for the control of diseases in mushrooms, ornamentals and stonefruit. Active ingredient: 462g/kg Prochloraz WPAvailable in 1 KG Foil Bag Curator Technical Guide  Customer also search.

Champ Flo Copper Cupric Hydroxide 350 fungicide 10L


Champ Flo, Copper Hydroxide is a broad spectrum protectant fungicide and bactericide for use in many fruit and vegetable crops, and for needle blight control in pine trees. Active Ingredient:.

Manco 75WG fungicide 10kg


Manco 75WG is a fungicide used to control fungal diseases in a wide range of crops. Active Ingredient: 750 g/Kg mancozeb in the form of a water dispersible granule. Available.

Balear 720 10L Fungicide - Certified handler


Balear 720 is a broad spectrum protectant fungicide for the control of various diseases in a range of crops. Active Ingredient: 720g/litre Chlorothalonil SC. Available in 10L Balear Technical Guide .