Our focus is farm and cropping, orchard and vineyard spraying equipment, but our spray equipment and services are also suited to parks and recreation, sporting grounds and facilities right down to home or domestic use.



SpraySmart Sprayers

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Researched and thoroughly tested, the SpraySmart range is the right choice for any application whether in dairy, orcharding, agriculture, domestic or horticulture.

SpraySmart Chemicals

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SpraySmart chemicals are the gutsy answer to your spraying needs, matched for the challenges of farming in our area. Proven, tried and exhaustively tested.

Spray Equipment

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SprayShop has excellent brand alliance with major brands in the Agricultural and Horticultural spray industry – working closely with the likes of Bertolini.


β€œThe team at SprayShop quizzed me on my soil type, climate, pest issue, and weed worries – I walked away with a quality treatment plan.”